Since its establishment in 1920, Rinnai has been providing various products and services that help enrich people's lives under the keywords of "safety and peace of mind", "comfort", and "environmentally friendly". The product lineup consists of kitchen appliances, such as stoves and rice cookers; hot water systems, such as water heaters and bathtub filler/heaters; and air-conditioning appliances, such as gas fan heaters and gas stoves. In recent years, Rinnai has added new products, including dishwasher/dryers, range hoods, and other kitchen peripherals, as well as floor heaters and bathroom heater/dryers that use hot water for heating purposes.

The Rinnai Group provides solutions that are optimized to the living cultures, climates, and energy situations of various world nations. In addition to Japan, these include the United States, China, Australia, South Korea, Indonesia, Brazil, and Italy. Rinnai's business policy is to contribute to the lives of local communities around the world.

Guided by the keywords of "heat and living" and "health and living", Rinnai utilizes their accumulated heat energy and water control technologies to provide unique products and services. In the process, Rinnai aims to offer prosperous, joy-filled lives to people around the world while also fostering a sustainable global environment.