Instantaneous water heater MCX SMARTRONIC®

This compact appliance with the asymmetrical V styling on the front looks elegant and powerful.The eye is drawn to the new fascia, which is slightly tilted towards the user. The maximum delivery temperature can be set via a sensor button on the fascia. A discreet coloured LED indicates whether the selected setting is ECO (35°C),COMFORT (38°C) or MAX (45°C). In fact, a moderate 35°C is sufficient to make hand washing a pleasant experience.

Water flows at the correct temperature as soon as the tap is turned on. After the few seconds that it takes to wash one's hands the appliance switches off again when the tap is turned off. The energy efficiency of this appliance is convincing, as it really does only heat the water on demand. The result is an impressive energy saving of up to 85% compared with conventional compact water heaters.

  1. Mini-sized, electronically controlled under-sink instantaneous water heater to supply hot water to a wash basin
  2. Electronic power control adjusts to compensate for inlet pressure and temperature variations
  3. The desired maximum delivery temperature can be selected at the touch of a button: ECO (35°C), COMFORT (38°C) or MAX (45°C)
  4. The selected temperature is indicated by discreet LED lights that also act as an operating and diagnostic display
  5. Supplied complete with special tap nozzle with integrated flow regulator for fitting in tap threads M22/M24 and a connection set (T-piece and flexible pressure hose 3/8“) for an angle valve
  6. Performance:
    MCX 3: 3.5 kW 230 V (approx. 2.0 l/min 35 to 45°C)
    MCX 4: 4.4 kW 230 V (approx. 2.5 l/min 35 to 45°C)
    MCX 6: 5.7 kW 230 V (approx. 3.3 l/min 35 to 45°C)
    MCX 7: 6.5 kW 400 V (approx. 3.7 l/min 35 to 45°C)
  7. Dimensions: (H×W×D): 13.5×18.6×8.7cm
  8. Energy efficiency class A

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