E-comfort instant water heater
DSX Touch

E-comfort instant water heater DSX

Energy efficiency class A

(Scale: A+ to F)

  • DSX Touch: 18/21/24/27 kW, 400 V

This is where the DSX Touch is used.

  1. Handwashbasin


  2. Shower


  3. Bath tub

    Bath tub

  4. Kitchen sink

    Kitchen sink

For your new wellness oasis.

New product

The top appliance among the E-comfort instantaneous water heaters turns the bathroom into a wellness oasis with an energy-efficient and cost-transparent hot water supply. The new DSX Touch for shower and bath evolutionizes the CLAGE design language. State-of-the-art technology, durable materials and compact design ensure high quality and conserve resources. The device is operated intuitively via the new touch display made of real glass. The display has a high color depth, can display gradients and shows animations. With the user-friendly icons, operation is simply fun.

By the integrated Bluetooth and WLAN function the equipment can be steered also with remote control or by Smartphone, Tablet or Alexa. Using the "Smart Control" app simplifies the commissioning and maintenance of the device. The individual consumption values of several users can also be displayed quickly and easily. This is contemporary ease of use!

By the way, the DSX Touch can act as a home server for next generation CLAGE instantaneous water heaters. Built-in future.

Awards E-comfort instant water heater DSX Touch
  • Fully electronically controlled high-tech instantaneous water heater with real glass touch display and Bluetooth remote control for convenient and economical hot water supply to one or more tap(s)
  • Temperature always accurate to the degree between 20 °C and 60 °C thanks to TWIN TEMPERATURE Control TTC® and SERVOTRONIC® dynamic flow rate control
  • In the comfort zone between 35 °C and 43 °C, the temperature can be set in 0.5 degree increments
  • Bare wire heating system IES® ensures a longer service life, less calcification and is efficient and easy to maintain.
  • Function for thermal treatment with 70 °C for more hygiene
  • Particularly air-resistant heating system thanks to innovative heating duct arrangement
  • Multiple Power System MPS® determines the maximum power consumption during installation: 18, 21, 24 or 27 kW
  • Suitable for water-saving taps due to particularly low switch-on water quantity from 1.5 l/min thanks to innovative water flow technology
  • Integrated WLAN and Bluetooth® function for connection with modern voice control systems like Alexa, smartphone and tablet
  • Electronic safety system with air bubble detection, temperature and pressure switch-off and water stop function
  • Dimensions (height × width × depth): 46.8 × 23.9 × 9.6 cm

Technical data


Data. Values. Facts.

E-comfort instant water heater DSX
Handwashbasin Shower Bath tub Kitchen sink      
DSX Touch
Part number
Nominal power rating 1) (variably adjustable due to MPS) [kW]
Maximum operating pressure [MPa (bar)]
Water connections (thread connections)
Hot water output at Δt = 28 K 2) [l/min]
Switch-on flow rate [l/min]
Maximum flow rate: automatic [l/min] 3)
Supply voltage [3~ / PE 380–415 V AC] Permanent connection
Supply voltage [3~ / PE 400 V AC] Permanent connection
Nominal current [A]
Required cable diameter 4) [mm²]
Maximum inlet temperature [°C]
Solar-ready 5)
Protection class
Specific water resistance at 15 °C [Ωcm] ≥
Weight filled with water [kg], approx.
18 21 24 27
1 (10) 1 (10) 1 (10) 1 (10)
G ½" G ½" G ½" G ½"
9.2 10.7 12.3 13.8
1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5
26 30 35 39
4.0 4.0 6.0 6.0
70 70 70 70
IP 25 IP 25 IP 25 IP 25
1100 1100 1100 1100
4.5 4.5 4.5 4.5

1) The selected power rating determines the values of nominal current, cable diameter and hot water output

2) Temperature increase e.g. from 12 °C to 40 °C

3) Depending on line pressure, selected temperature and inlet temperature

4) Depending on the selected power rating

5) Suitable for reheating



Media Title Date Size
DSX Touch FXS Installation and Operating Booklet FXS Installation and Operating Booklet.pdf 01.01.2021 759 kB
> download
DSX Touch Operating and Installation Booklet Operating and Installation Booklet.pdf 01.01.2021 759 kB
> download
DSX Touch Quick Guide Quick Guide.pdf 01.01.2021 6,7 MB
> download
DSX Touch Safety Instructions Safety Instructions.pdf 01.01.2021 6,7 MB
> download
DSX Touch Technical Data Sheet Technical Data Sheet.pdf 01.01.2021 759 kB
> download

Product video

Interesting features.

  1. Smart Control-ready

    Smart Control-ready

  2. Bluetooth remote control included

    Bluetooth remote control included

  3. Remote control (included)

    Integrated Wifi function

  4. Solar-compatible, suitable for reheating

    Solar-compatible, suitable for reheating

Installation video

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