Electronic instantaneous water heater CEX 9 ELECTRONIC MPS®

With its electronic control the CEX9 ELECTRONIC MPS® guarantees an energy-efficient supply of hot water. The water is heated to the pre-set temperature as it flows through the unit. Users are able to select the temperature at the touch of a button on the LCD control panel. The panel is equipped with two fixed-value keys, which are factory set to 35°C and 48°C.

  1. Mini-sized, electronically controlled under-sink instantaneous water heater to supply hot water to a wash basin
  2. Electronically controlled instantaneous water heater for single or multipoint applications
  3. TWIN TEMPERATURE Control TTC® allows the user to precisely set the outlet temperature to the desired degree between 20°C and 55°C up to the full rated power output
  4. Bare wire technology IES® achieves maximum efficiency plus the fastest possible heat up time
  5. Multiple Power System MPS®: Power settings set during installation, 6.6 or 8.8 kW 230 V (approx. 5 l / min 20°C to 55°C)
  6. Dimensions (H × W × D): 29.4 × 18 × 11 cm
  7. Energy efficiency class A

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