About Us:

Blutherm is responsible for introducing some of the world famous products in India. Founded in 1998, the company is widely recognized for its water heaters, air purifiers, and its sustainable energy range making it arguably the best brand in India for energy-efficient green solutions. 

The company enjoys exclusive partnerships with the following Brands






Collaborating with the best of the best global brands that specialise in their fields of Water Heating, Ventilation, and Water Purification in the world, the company has garnered trust in the Indian market as the most promising brand with an exclusive product range over the last two decades.

Low carbon emission technology added with our minimal space concept is designed specifically to align with the customer's high standard of living, and with a responsibility towards our environment. The premium products in this portfolio, primarily focus on saving energy, saving space, and giving true value of the product in every use, setting up a perfect example for all the environment conscious people to actively participate in this green revolution and switch to energy-saving life.

At Blutherm, the team believes that adopting green solutions in our everyday life will help us prepare a sustainable and healthier environment to live and hence, build a better world for tomorrow.

Join us because the future starts today!

Our Vision

Be a vanguard of energy efficiency and low carbon revolution with an unrivalled range of solutions in space and water heating, ventilation, energy recovery and Water purification

Our Mission

Satisfying the customer’s needs by bringing in energy efficient products of cutting edge technology in the field of water heating, ventilation, energy recovery and water purification and delighting our customers with a satisfying experience.